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Sound Barrier to Be Constructed on Crow Canyon

The planned project for a sounder barrier on the North side of Crow Canyon Rd will soon be underway. The homes that will benefit the most in Crow Canyon Country Club are located on Presidio, Myrtle Beach and parts of St. George. The wall will extend from El Capitan to St. George.

“The first phase of the project will include the pruning or removal of trees in conflict with the proposed wall. Town officials say they are working to limit the number of trees that will need to be pruned or removed. Of the 98 trees located directly adjacent to the sound wall study area, 21 are in conflict with the proposed walls, and will need to be removed. It is also planned to plant new trees to make up for the trees

December 2012 Market Update

Sales activity for December had 5 homes sell, 3 of which were town homes and 1 golf villa. Unit sales for the year was up 45% and as noted in the charts, prices specifically for the 2 bedroom town homes is rising. Here are the results for all of 2012 as compared to 2011.

Crow Canyon Country Club 2012 Sales






crow canyon country club home sales 2012