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New Restaurant at Crow Canyon CC

Open house for realtors to see the newly remodeled restaurant at Crow Canyon. Very nice, larger dining areas, great u-shaped bar, several TVs around the restaurant. Nice addition to the Club.

Sound Barrier to Be Constructed on Crow Canyon

The planned project for a sounder barrier on the North side of Crow Canyon Rd will soon be underway. The homes that will benefit the most in Crow Canyon Country Club are located on Presidio, Myrtle Beach and parts of St. George. The wall will extend from El Capitan to St. George.

“The first phase of the project will include the pruning or removal of trees in conflict with the proposed wall. Town officials say they are working to limit the number of trees that will need to be pruned or removed. Of the 98 trees located directly adjacent to the sound wall study area, 21 are in conflict with the proposed walls, and will need to be removed. It is also planned to plant new trees to make up for the trees

Crow Canyon Homes More Than Just A Few Nails & A Hammer

Crow Canyon Country Club Tour of homes was held on Saturday, October 15th. Six homeowners were gracious enough to put their “remodeled” homes on the tour for all to view.

It was incredible to see some of the remodels – especially if you know the floor plans and how they “used to look”. Many homeowners did more than just bring in the latest styles. There was some extensive remodel projects from pushing exterior walls out, taking down walls, relocating walls, removing atriums and turning them into useable living space, enlarging closets. Completely redoing the kitchens and bathrooms to the “nines”. Read the rest of this entry

Crow Canyon CC – “They’re Back” – Turkeys I Mean

Just when I thought the turkeys took up residence in another neighborhood, this week I was awaken to their chatter outside my deck. I looked up the hill and there they were about a dozen of them- the moms and the kids. It is probably only a matter of time before we see more show up. For some reason they seem to like our community. Is it the friendly neighbors, the views, the golf course?

My husband’s theory is, when they were abolished earlier this year, two remained. We knew about these two because they would sleep in the tree outside our house. He believes they have been recruiting others all along and once there were several the turkeys decided it was time to let us all know “We’re back”.

Crow Canyon Turkeys










crow canyon country club turkeys










crow canyon turkeys